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Open Monday thru Friday from 6:00 am  and closing sharply at 6:00 pm.

Melanie Ardis, Director

Melanie is the Director of the facility. She has over 35 years working in a preschool and daycare setting.

Melanie has worked with children 0 – 12 years. She has a Montessori Primary teaching certificate, FCCPC, a Level ll Directors Credential with VPK endorsement, and is a qualified mentor for the CDAE program of Florida. Melanie has been a VPK teacher, and has held her Directors credential for over 10 years.  Melanie takes pride in the programs she manages and their accomplishments of 100 VPK readiness rate and 100% compliance of DCF inspections.

Over the years Melanie has helped raise money for many charities including St. Luke’s & the March of Dimes, and she has received a 10 year certificate of participation from the Salvation Army for her efforts in their annual Thanksgiving food drive. She has also participated in the JP Hall Christmas toy give away, and is very dedicated to supporting the community and the mentoring of younger staff.

Ms Debbie, Owner

Ms Debbie has been working with children for the past 25 years.  She was on the daycare committee in her church, and has worked for Putnam County Schools for four years.  Her love to teach and to be with her children led her to open the "Learning Center" on SR 315C in 1999.  She enjoys watching children learn and grow.

She holds the CDA (Child Development Associates) Director credential, First Aid and CPR certifications and a CDL license to drive buses.  She also has a VPK endorsement, Emergent Literacy and receives 60 hours per year of trainings.  Ms Debbie and her husband have been married for 24 years and have 2 children.

She states that "We are devoted to the learning, teaching and safety of children."

Amber Carroll, Assistant Director

Amber is our 1 year old teacher and has worked in childcare for 5 years. She was raised in Keystone and graduated from Keystone Heights High School. Amber is very creative and enjoys planning and making projects with her toddlers.

Amber grew up in a daycare facility that her mother managed and spends her time with her Special Needs son.

Ashley Hoffman

Ashley has worked at the facility for over 4 years. She works with children of all ages.

Ashley is a spectacular infant teacher and is a great help in the daily running of the business.

Ashley has her AA degree. Even though she is now on her way to become a RN she still makes time to spend nurturing our children and helping with office work.

Ashley has grown up in a daycare facility. She is the daughter of the owners.

Jennifer Cox, VPK Teacher

Jennifer is a VPK assistant and works with the school age children. Jennifer has worked with children for 12 years. She has worked with ages 0- 12 years. Jennifer has taught Sunday School for 4 years, teaches art to teens, and volunteers locally for the past 2 years with children who have cancer.

Ms. Jennifer spends her extra time with her husband and 5 children.

Tammy Powers, Infant Teacher

Tammy is one of our infant teachers, has over 10 years experience working with children from ages 0 - 12 years. When not at work or church Tammy spend time with her husband, 3 grown children, and 3 grandchildren and is in the process of obtaining a FCCPC.

Rachel McClelland, VPK Teacher

Rachel is a VPK assistant, often works in the 1 year old class, and is great with the infants. Rachel has worked in childcare for 6+ years and works with children infant to 12 years. Rachel has an Associate’s degree in early childhood education and when not spending time with her husband and 2 children Rachel often volunteers at the Rainbow Center.

Hannah Burch, 2 & 3 Year Old Combo Class

Ms. Hannah has been in childcare for 5 years. At this time Ms. Hannah is the teacher in our 2 year old and 3 year old potty training class. In addition to the challenge of helping her group master using the toilet, she plans several age appropriate activities that are geared towards helping the children develop and grow. Ms. Hannah already has her Associates degree in childhood education and is now working on her bachelor’s degree. She wants to be an elementary school teacher. Ms. Hannah has always loved children, she comes from a big family of 12 brothers and sisters. Ms. Hannah chose to work with children to make a difference in young children and help them smile.

Ember Leach, Cook & After School Teacher

Ms. Ember is a mother of five children and is a graduate of Interlachen High School. Ms. Ember is currently enrolled in college pursuing a BA in child and family studies. She hope to become either a teacher for grades K – 3 or a school counselor and work locally. When not studying or with her children, Ms. Ember enjoys reading and music. Ember’s goal in life is to make a difference in a child’s life. One of her greatest memories is of a teacher that gave her love and encouragement to become who she is today.

Amber White, 2 year old Teacher

Mrs. Amber is our 2 year old teacher. She has worked in childcare for over 5 years and is raising her teenage sister. During her free time Amber enjoys reading and outdoors. Amber will be attending college soon to further her education.

Kelsey McBride, 1 year Old Teacher

Kelsey is soon to graduate from high school and has an interest in becoming a Neonatal Nurse. She loves being outdoors, spending time with family and friends and she has always loved children. Kelsey will soon be enrolling into Nursing School and has plans to continue working with children as long as she can.

Krystal Wilson, 3 year old Teacher

Krystal is a married mother of three children. When not working or hanging out with her family she enjoys reading, bike riding, and sight-seeing. Krystal wishes to one day travel throughout Europe. She has an Associate’s Degree in Health Administration and a Bachelor’s Degree in Childhood Education. Krystal was drawn to childcare because children keep you on your toes and can make you feel happy even on your worst days.  

Brittany Barrs, Infant & 1 year Old Teacher

Brittany is one of our 1 year old teachers. She loves working with children. Brittany enjoys reading books, singing songs, and playing games with her class. She looks forward to each day having a new learning experience so she plans many activities that give the children opportunities to grow and develop.

In her spare time Brittany enjoys playing softball and often babysits. Brittany is in the process of completing her education to become a Kindergarten teacher.